Haunted Gypsy

Meria/Haunted Gypsy


Indie/Alternative/Gypsy Rock:  Haunting (Boo!), lyrical, poetic, psychedelic, and not like anything you’ve ever heard on the radio before EVER!

Featuring the talents and skills of…

Meria Cairns — Songwriter, Lead/Rhythm Guitarist, Vocalist

Curtis Orange (fuhgetta ’bout EdD) on e-Drums …




At the Spooky HP LoveCraft Art Show–Meria wrote  “Chthulhu” especially for the event!


And… sometimes other musicians who drop in from time to time…


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Meria–Solo Guitarist:

Meria also performs solo guitar, classical, Spanish Flamenco, rock, jazz, blues, etc., for weddings and special events.    cropped2016-09-16-at-4-11-21-pm

If you’re looking for beautiful solo guitar music to accompany your wedding, party or corporate event, contact Meria here or at one of the sites below:

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