Haunted Gypsy

Meria/Haunted Gypsy


Indie/Alternative/Gypsy Rock:  Haunting (Boo!), lyrical, poetic, psychedelic, and not like anything you’ve ever heard on the radio before EVER!

Featuring the talents and skills of…

Meria Cairns — Songwriter, Lead/Rhythm Guitarist, Vocalist

Curtis Orange (fuhgetta ’bout EdD) on e-Drums …




At the Spooky HP LoveCraft Art Show–Meria wrote  “Chthulhu” especially for the event!


And… sometimes other musicians who drop in from time to time…


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Meria–Solo Guitarist:

Meria also performs solo guitar, classical, Spanish Flamenco, rock, jazz, blues, etc., for weddings and special events.    cropped2016-09-16-at-4-11-21-pm

If you’re looking for beautiful solo guitar music to accompany your wedding, party or corporate event, contact Meria here or at one of the sites below:

Check Meria out at:






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Here are some way cool web sites we’ve come across that we thought some of y’all might enjoy. DISCLAIMER: We at GuitarGrrrl do not verify the legitimacy of any of these sites. They look cool, but please check ’em out for yourselves, and don’t blame us if ya’ don’t like ’em…

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Free web sites–Post mp3s of your music here!


www.ReverbNation.com   Create your own press kit advertising your band.  Upload pics and videos of your band. Search for venues.


www.MySpace.com Not as popular as it used to be but, frankly, I prefer it to Facebook. You can network with other musicians. It’s a social networking site.



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Places to Submit Your Music— Very important if you want to get heard. But don’t forget to protect ownership of your original songs by registering them with the US Copyright office (www.copyright.gov) or (if you don’t mind sharing your music) with CreativeCommons.org

www.DistroKid.com  Surprisingly affordable, for a small fee, they’ll let you distribute your music to iTunes and other online sites…  Check ’em out!

http://www.npr.org/programs/all-songs-considered/ Very cool as this is National Public Radio.

www.BrainGell.com submit your Heavy Metal music

http://rokkus.com Looks like an online radio station based in San Fran

www.KillRadio.org Anti-corporate online radio station based in L.A.


http://www.kcrw.com/ Santa Monica, CA

http://www.xpn.org/ WXPN, Pennsylvania

http://minnesota.publicradio.org/radio/services/the_current/ The Current

http://www.kuow.org/ Puget Sound


http://somafm.com/ San Fran

San Francisco Bay Area’s Bounty of Independent Radio Offerings






http://kboo.fm/ Portland, OR

http://kgnu.org/ Denver, CO

http://www.101x.com/ Austin

http://www.listentoair.com/ Austin




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Instrument Sales Of course there are lots of places to buy musical instruments and accessories, but we’ve just added a couple of links, just in case you were looking online. These are also great sites to just check out prices and product descriptions of items you’re interested in.

http://www.coollittlemusicshop.com/ This store sometimes sells unusual hard-to-find instruments.



www.Craigslist.com Duh!

www.Ebay.com Double-duh!


your friendly, local, neighborhood music store. Support local businesses!

Live Stream of our Practice Session on Christmas Day!

Yay, babies and babesters, we jammed on Christmas tunes yesterday, and, for  better or worse, we live-streamed some of the songs, mistakes and all! We ran into some technical problems with the sound–feedback, static and distortion that may have made Jimi Hendrix proud but were not appropriate for the Christmas carols. Bah humbugh! Actually, it’s …

On this Christmas Day, Saying Thanks, and an Original Song

Wonderful li’l Christmas ditty, dedicated to our lovely president and his faithful followers! Such wonderful folks indeed! I’ve had such interesting interactions with their type over the years, these folks I tend to disagree with. Now, I just want to take time from this Christmas holiday to thank them. Say what? Yes, I want to …

For Booking, CONTACT

Looking for a guitarist? Guitar lessons? Want to purchase a CD?

Contact us!

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Gigs/Schmiggs…2017 Schedule!

Mark your calendars, peeps! Haunted Gypsy won’t be available in your town forever!  Gypsies are wandering souls, remember?…

For most up-to-date gig schedule, check out:  www.Facebook.com/HauntedGypsy– Give us a “like” while you’re at it, dang you!

Summer 2017:

Wed Aug 30th @Nietzsche’s, Buffalo, NY. Come on down!  Meria/Haunted Gypsy performs with Kerry Fey, Sam Sugarman and Kelly Marie. Heaps of fun in Allentown!!!  Learn more at www.Facebook.com/HauntedGypsy

This Wed., June 21st at 7 p.m. — Meria performing acoustically @Silo City–the Marine A Grain Elevator  – Elevator music for the masses!!! Never heard music inside a grain elevator before? For shame! (Curtis Orange may show up and add some acoustical percussive beats.) –> 120 Childs St., Buffalo, 14203   www.MakeMusicDay.org    www.Silo.City

Sat., June. 24th @Stamps, 98 Main St., Tonawanda, NY – with bands Billy Draws Two, The Lady or the Tiger, and The Hovelists!!!  There will be lots of partying, so you gotta be there!!!

Thurs., July 6th @Mohawk Place, Buffalo, NY with an AWESOME NYC band called theSHIFT.  If you like good guitar, you gotta come for this one!

July & Aug: Check us out at the Buffalo Infringement Festival… where we impinge upon the Fringers…


Spring 2017:

Sat., Apr. 8th 10 p.m. @The Music Room in East Aurora. Only $5 cover. Come on, y’all can afford that!

(Sorry, not enough time to update this site frequently, so please check out the Facebook site… and… give us a “like” too!!!) We need all the fiends…er…friends we can get!!!


Sat Dec. 3rd. Meria / Haunted Gypsy perform original, indie/alternative/gypsy rock at Leftfield in NYC. Be there!!!

Montreal Schedule is Here:

Wed Nov. 16th:  9 p.m. Meria performs solo guitar at the Rusty Shuttle, 3655 Boule St Laurent, Montreal, CANADA.     Rory McCormack will also perform.     10:15 p.m. Meria & Haunted Gypsy perform original/alternative/indie/gypsy rock!

Thurs Nov. 17th: 9 p.m. Meria/Haunted Gypsy perform at the Barfly, 4062A St. Laurent, Montreal, CANADA

Fri Nov. 18th: @11 p.m. Meria’s documentary film, Rocky Mountain Homelessness will screen at the Rusty Shuttle, Montreal, CANADA

Sat. Nov. 19th:

@5p.m. Meria’s comedy sitcom, Catty Open Mic Show, screens at the Rusty Shuttle, Montreal, CANADA

@9p.m. Meria performs solo guitar @the Barfly, Montreal, CANADA

Nov.15-20th: We’ll be in Montreal, baby, performing for Infringement. If anyone knows of another place we can play, please contact us here. We plan on staying for the entire 5 days of the festival, ’cause we like Montreal!!!

Sat July 9th 10:30 p.m. The Music Room, East Aurora. $5 cover–all ages!!!   Come on down!!!     They let you bring your own pizza!!!      http://www.theMusicRoomea.com

Sun July 17th 10:00 p.m. The Bug Jar, Rochester, NY $8 cover–Come on down, but leave your bugs at home!!! Doors open at 8 and there’ll be three bands playing!!!  All that for only $8 bucks!!!    http://www.BugJar.com


More gigs coming up! Recording some tunes…  🙂

Sat March 5th @8 p.m.  Boulder Coffee Co., 100 Alexander St., Rochester, NY          Come on down! No cover! Excellent food…and we’d love to see y’all!!!

Sat Jan. 9th @10 p.m. The Music Room, 609 Oakwood Ave., East Aurora, NY


Oct. 3rd/Sat. 8 p.m. The Boulder Coffee Co., 100 Alexander St., Rochester, NY  www.BoulderCoffee.info

Sept 28th/Monday 8 p.m.  The Alley Cat, 199 Allen Street (at Elmwood Ave.), Buffalo, NY

Sept.19th/Sat 10 p.m. The Music Room, East Aurora, NY Show up at 8 p.m. to watch all the bands that are playin’ for only $5…

Sept 16th/Wed 7 p.m. Meria got a chance to play at the Pollywogg Holler. Yipee!

Sept.12th/Sat. 7-9 p.m., The Central Bar, 603 Markham St., Toronto,CA www.theCentralBar.ca   Come on down!!! It’s a “pay what ya’ can, baby!”

July 25th/Saturday — 10 p.m., The Music Room, 609 Oakwood Ave., East Aurora, NY 14052 — $5 (free for the under-21 crowd)

Infringe Festival Schedule–FREE shows!–Meria will be performing mostly outdoors in front of the venue or in the parking lot! Possibly she’ll be joined by another musician or two–Jim, Ord or Rory… and there’ll be a jam..   But we’ll see…  Let’s hope for a rain-free week!

July 24t/Fri — 6p.m., Cantina Loco, 191 Allen St (near Elmwood), Buffalo, NY

July 26th/Sun — 12:30 p.m., Caffe Aroma, 957 Elmwood Ave (near Bidwell), Buffalo, NY

— 4:30 p.m. Allen Street Consulting, 394 Franklin St (betw. Delaware and Main St), Buffalo, NY (Two gigs in one day! This one’s indoors!)

July 27th/Mon — 6:30 p.m., Casa de Art parking lot (Yep, it’ll be outside!), 141 Elmwood Ave. (betw North and Allen Sts.)

July 30th/Thurs — 3 p.m., Ultra Hoops, 1121 Elmwood Ave (near Forest)


May 23rd — 10 pm The Music Room, East Aurora, NY

May 27th — 9 pm The Forum/Maple Entertainment Complex, Amherst, NY

June 17th — 9 pm The Forum/Maple Entertainment Complex, Amherst, NY

July 22nd — 9 pm The Forum/Maple Entertainment Complex, Amherst, NY

July: 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month of July–Meria hosts an open mic at Buzz Coffee, 698 Main St., Buffalo, NY  –Come on down, and bring your talent too!    www.BuzzCoffee.org  6 pm – 9 pm


Guitarist/Songwriter Meria performs a wide variety of styles of music on both electric and acoustic guitars.

Her solo guitar work consists of Classical, Spanish Flamenco, a little bit of blues, jazz, rock, etc. She often performs for weddings and special events.

For bookings, contact here or at www.MusicalWeddings.webs.com

Meria’s indie/gypsy rock project is called HauntedGypsy.


Oh, and by the way, if you like this page, the music, etc., please, PLEASE show your support in the form of comments, facebook “likes” or donations.