Female Musicians with G-r-r-r! –It’s open mic, not open “Mike,” dang it!… Guitar Women Have No Place in this World…

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Okay, so I just hit up two open mics today–not one, but two.  Oddly, there were very few female performers at either. The performers were decidedly male.  (Not that I mind males. I like males.  It’s just that women comprise of half the population, so when I see no or few women, I can’t help but wonder why?) This is not the Middle East. This is the USA…  So why are women afraid to speak out? Have we lost our voice?

Or is it just that once you realize no one’s listening you stop talking altogether? There’s that stereotype of the woman who talks too much. Women talking is supposed to be a bad thing. Why? The nagging woman. Gossiping women. Stop talking. Stop. We’re not listening. We’re men. So let us do all the talking. Listen to us. Hang on our every word. Or else. Or else, you are the nagging woman you’ve heard so much about. And you don’t want that.

The first open mic was for poetry, yet there was only one other female present. That really surprised me. Isn’t poetry supposed to be “feminine”? If there aren’t many women musicians, surely there are women poets, er, poetesses?

Anyhow, it wasn’t my intention to be militantly “feminist” today, nor was it my intention to post another blog.  It’s after 1a.m. for God’s sake. And it’s been ages since I’ve posted. Yet here I am, not drunk, though perhaps a bit tipped and blogging out into the universe. Ranting and raving out my blogospheric comeback. (But haven’t you heard? The universe has no ears. Nor eyes. And, obviously, no justice. Forget about peace. Piece? Peas? Pees? See? Can’t even spell it!)

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