Women Rock! Heavy Metal Canadian Females—Kittie!

Kittie is an all-female, heavy metal band from Canada. Women in heavy metal are few and far between. Even female vocalists are rare in this genre, but female guitarists, bassists and drummers? Ça n’exist pas.

But leave it to Canada to once again save the day for female musicians by providing us with a reputable band.


Found this video at Underground Video TV:


Kittie, Canadian, all-female, heavy metal band

And here’s news of another Canadian female-fronted band. Not an all-female band, mind you, but a thrash-metal band that is female-fronted. Oh dear, that is quite unusual. This is from www.WorldMetalAlliance.org. Did you know that there is a Metal Alliance? Well, now you do!  World Metal Alliance, per their web site, is a “non-commercial organization” that was founded in 1992 in order to “protect, promote, and preserve heavy metal music.” So there ya’ go. There are non-profits of all kinds.


Female-fronted, Canadian Thrash Metal band

And just when we thought it couldn’t happen in South America, here’s news of an all-female death metal band from Brazil called Hellarise. Info comes from www.SkullsNbones.com:  www.Hellarise.com   www.MySpace.com/Hellarise:

  Hellarise, death-metal band from Brazil 








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