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Here are some way cool web sites we’ve come across that we thought some of y’all might enjoy.  DISCLAIMER: I do not verify the legitimacy of any of these sites. They look cool, but please check ’em out for yourselves, and don’t blame us if ya’ don’t like ’em…  But if you do like ’em, please, please leave me a comment of appreciation as I spent a lot of time compiling this list.

Also if you’ve had good or bad experiences with any of the below links, please inform us. And if you know of any more cool links we should add, let us know that too!  Happy surfing!


 Social Networking for Musicians:  Just found out about this site and it looks really, really cool. Y’all should check it out.   Of course, this is cdbaby’s way of marketing its site but lots of good info here and a way to connect with other musicians too.


Places that help you Market your Music:   If you’re on a budget, they’ll allow you to distribute your music on iTunes, Spotify, etc., for a very reasonable price.


Free web sites–Post mp3s of your music here! A cool site if you’re a musician or band looking to get gigs. You can create a profile for free then pay later, if you like, for extra services. Have had a good experience with them so far.  Not so well-known.   Used pretty frequently these days.  Not as popular as it used to be but, frankly, I prefer it to Facebook. You can network with other musicians. It’s a social networking site.


Places to Submit Your Music—  Very important if you want to get heard. But don’t forget to protect ownership of your original songs by registering them with the US Copyright office (  or (if you don’t mind sharing your music)  with        Very cool as this is National Public Radio.       submit your Heavy Metal music    Looks like an online radio station based in San Fran   Anti-corporate online radio station based in L.A.   Santa Monica, CA  WXPN, Pennsylvania    The Current  Puget Sound  San Fran

San Francisco Bay Area’s Bounty of Independent Radio Offerings  Portland, OR  Denver, CO  Austin  Austin


Video Sites


Musical News


Instrument Sales  Of course there are lots of places to buy musical instruments and accessories, but we’ve just added a couple of links, just in case you were looking online.  These are also great sites to just check out prices and product descriptions of items you’re interested in.      This store sometimes sells unusual hard-to-find instruments.     Duh!  Double-duh!


your friendly, local, neighborhood music store.  Support local businesses, please!

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