Streaming Open Mic!

Yep, co-hosted an open mic with Phil Elinski at Buzz Coffee (

Streamed most of it, and you can watch the unedited version in two parts here:

CLICK HERE to view Open Mic – Buzz Coffee Part 1

Eventually, I’ll get around to editing the video so I can post the highlights but, right now, here is the unedited version. (Can’t wait till I have time to edit it as I’ve definitely got some awkward bad camera moments…)

Watch an open mic now in the comfort of your own home… No more boring, lonely nights–the open mic is here!    😉

We’re planning on doing this every week, so join us from near or far:  Thursdays at 6 p.m.

EST. We’d love to hear your productive and supportive comments. Remember, it takes a lot of courage for peeps to go up there on that stage in the first place!


CLICK HERE to view Open Mic – Buzz Coffee – Part 2







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