Were You Better Off UnDead, Or Looking Like You Were? HP Lovecraft Art at the Atrium!

Yes, you’re only human, but… you don’t need to look like one.

hg-spookyxcfHave you ever dressed up to look like a monster, then taken a look at yourself in the mirror (or on a video?) and realized that you actually look pretty good that way? Well, I have… sort of.

Last Saturday, I (Meria/Haunted Gypsy) played guitar at the HP Lovecraft Art Show in Elmwood Village. A basement called “the Atrium” was filled with artists and their work. Yep, it was a venue filled with spooky paintings and sculptures. Monsters everywhere! Just my kind of environment. Not to be a conformist or anything, but since everyone was focused on monstrosity, I wanted to be a monster too.

When in Rome… Well, you know how the saying goes…

So with the help of a friend, I zombified my face, even applied glow-in-the-dark makeup which would have looked very cool if anyone had happened to see me in a dark room. My face lit up like a skeleton, but no one noticed but me when I went into my car that evening.

For the performance, I entered the stage area with a black cape, a rather attractive witch’s hat and a cute black cocktail dress. Curtis Orange, the guy who drummed up the beats, was also zombified, though I might add he didn’t go to the extreme I did. I spray painted my hair black to match my outfit. Black is beautiful! (Wow, it was fun rinsing my hair later that night… Black water slowly drizzling down the drain. One of the longest showers I’d had in a long time…)

But I digress…

When I later saw my reflection in the video footage of the performance that night, I was surprised to discover that I actually looked more attractive zombified than I do otherwise. Hmm… what does it mean? Perhaps it was the blue color along my cheekbones. Rouge it was not. But my eyes are also blue, so I guess my face was color-coordinated.

So… this got me thinking. What does it mean when one is more attractive looking like a zombie-vampire than a real human being? Was I meant to be frightening? Am I reading too much into this?

This may very well be the most ridiculous blog I’ve ever written. But here it is…

Boo again!

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