To Halloween or Not To Halloween? That is the Question…

merialovecraftposterwitchI like Halloween. For me, it’s not a morbid time focusing on death and decay, it’s a time of creativity. What other holiday allows people to dress however they want no matter how mature, professional and well-respected in the community they’re trying to be? On what other holiday can we sew together our own wardrobe and pretend to be a character we’re most definitely not. We can make up who we are or we can pretend to be a character from history, from television, from a comic book or cartoon. I view Halloween as a creative and theatrical moment in time. It’s a perfect holiday for actors and performers in general. We love it!

And contrary to what some might think, it’s not a celebration of death but a way to laugh at something that scares us more than anything else in this world. We can’t prevent our own deaths or the deaths of our loved ones but we can laugh at it. What else can we do?

So we dress up as dead people and laugh. We all know deep, down inside that someday our bodies will resemble those costumes but…ooh…we don’t want to think about that.

Winter is coming. The weather’s getting cold and uncomfortable. The skies are getting gloomy. Where is the sun? Some of us hibernate during winter, rarely entering the outdoors only when absolutely necessary. Outside it is dying, leaves falling and losing their natural color, flowers withering away, grass turning brown and even the sun has lost its glow–blocked by the clouds.

For most people, winter is a sad time, a time when things die. Spring is the time of birth and awakening. Flowers bloom and the air smells sweet and warm. But winter occurs at the year’s end when most living things die or hibernate. It’s a dark time, literally and figuratively. That’s why there are so many holidays during winter. We seek to be with our families and friends, to cheer ourselves up. Some of us who live in cold climates buy special lamps that emit light resembling the sun to prevent fatigue and Seasonal Affective Disorder. No, it’s not the best season for many of us.

So we laugh at the coming gloom. That’s what we do on Halloween. So no, Mr. and Mrs. Religious Fundamentalist, we’re not worshiping evil. Quite the contrary. Evil scares us just as much as you. But we’ve learned to laugh at it. It’s called… Hmmm…. What is it called?

Oh yes, I remember now. It’s called: “Having a sense of humor.”

So with high hopes, I hope to be performing on Halloween or within its vicinity. Wrote a song called “Cthulhu” especially for the HP Lovecraft Art Show and I’ve got a few other spooky songs, perfect for the big day… Spooky, spooky. Here’s looking at you, Halloween…

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