Halloween is coming…

Yep, we’re getting closer and closer…

Come closer. Look at me. Yes, look at me. Don’t be afraid. It’ll all be over soon. Yes, very soon. “The quick way, doctor. Let’s do it the quick way…” to paraphrase Peter Lorre in “Arsenic and Old Lace.” (A classic Halloween comedy, by the way.

Which reminds me, why are there so few scary comedies made in the USA? Americans sure like their fear. I prefer to laugh at it.

Disappointed that we haven’t gotten a gig for Halloween when we have SO many spooky songs that would fit right in for the holiday. Oh, the rust belt… the rusty belt… Hey, put that belt back on!

Is this a nonsensically written blog that I just spewed out just so that I’d have a blog entry published this week? What? Surely you jest. Why, this blog is filled with intellectually stimulating, socially redemptive qualities like… like… like…

Well, okay, words. There are words within this blog entry. Lots of them. And guess what? You’re not watching TV, texting or video gaming while reading this, are you? Naw, you can’t effectively do that AND read what I’ve written here at the same time, not if you’re truly reading.

Okay, so there. I did it. I posted another blog entry. Need to have at least one or two of those every week, after all.




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