Why Gypsy Rock?

Why gypsy rock? Well… because it’s there…

Meria/Haunted Gypsy is a traveling band. I wander until I find a place I can either call home or at least find kindred spirits for my time spent there. The reality is, my hometown has rendered me homeless. Like every gypsy spirit, I am searching for a place that will stop me from wandering.

Recently, the prayers of the gypsy were answered in the form of an Infringement Festival in Montreal. So… a few of us traveled to Montreal, a city named after a hill–Mont Royal.


It’s a beautiful city, though overcast for most of our time there. We lucked out with good weather though. Unusually warm temperatures for early winter. Who would think of walking around without a winter coat in November in the Northeast of North America? But we did.


Unfortunately, it began to snow on our way out of Montreal. In fact, a blizzard followed us for several hours as I tried to drive us home safely. Yep, I was driving 35-40 mph on the highway. Probably shouldn’t admit to that here on the blogosphere but… Safety first, friends. Safety first.

We got home after 3 a.m. It took us twice as long to return from Montreal as it did to arrive.

I don’t have the videos ready yet to post, so I’ll have to blog more about this later, but wanted to keep an update here. We came, we saw, we played in Montreal and then we left into the snowstorm that blew us back to the rust belt.    sortie-2016-11-27-at-6-54-07-pm

Next weekend is NYC. Let the wandering spirit thrive on!

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