Infringing Upon Established Venues… Gigs for the Masses!

Thanks to everyone who came out to see Meria/Haunted Gypsy (as well as other unsigned artists) at the Infringement shows this season…

‘Twas fun indeed. Hmm… Let’s see now… We played at Electric Ave with some awesome bands, including Tim Haufe from NYC who performed a great set.

At the aptly named Gypsy Parlor, we trained some newbie audience members in the fine art of heckling. ‘Tis an art that must be perfected! We LOVE our hecklers! They performed well… so, congrats to you, our now seasoned hecklers. And those guys who kept shouting, “Woo!” That was awesome! Thanks for the Woo’s!


(above photo by Pam Swarts)


Woo who?

An audience member braved a rain storm to hear Meria strum an acoustic solo guitar set at Allentown Music. Much appreciated. (Playing guitar in a room full of musical instruments was amazing.) Their new location on Amherst truly rocks.

photo by Cappixx

BTW, some of us locals feel sorry that the music store was forced out of its location in Elmwood Village. EV is/was Buffalo’s arts district, and removing a music store detracts from that. Very disappointing. Arts districts build up otherwise declining cities. Too bad the powers that be, a.k.a., PTB, don’t appreciate that. Artists build up deteriorating neighborhoods then get pushed out by rising rents and ungrateful landlords who capitalize on the work that we artists create. Yes, that really is how I feel about it.

photo by Cappixx

Felt the same way about Rust Belt Books which was forced to leave Allentown only to run into the welcoming arms of Grant Street. Okay, but Grant Street already has West Side Stories, another good book store. Now Allentown has… pizza, poutine, Jim’s Steakout at 3 a.m. and Greek food, no longer available at 3 a.m. Food but no books, and now no music store. So… food remains in Allentown/EV. It’s the culture that had to go. Why?

Still, from the point of view of Allentown Music, the new location may prove to be an asset. Lots more space and a chance to regroup, to gain a whole new clientele (myself included, as their new location is closer par moi.) I have high hopes that this small, locally-owned music store will benefit in this new environment but the EV neighborhood has lost one business that contributed to its cultural development. One day, the PTB will realize their mistake.

photo by Cappixx

Anywho… (Yes, I do mean any “who.”)

Who? You! You who! Yoohoo, Yahoo!

An enthusiastic audience gathered in front of El Buen Amigo for an outdoor solo guitar performance on a sunny summer day. Really appreciate you guys for sitting down to watch me play out on the street! It was very encouraging! I wonder whether you audiences realize what a difference you make for us performers. We need you! We love you! You are you, and that is AWESOME!  (Isn’t it great to be told that you are awesome?) In fact, you are very, very awesome. I’d say that again, and again, but I need to move on to writing the next paragraph. My readers get eye strain real bad, so I gotta be real concise and get straight to the point…


And of course, there was the set at Mohawk Place. That one kept us up pretty late…  The bands were all amazing, and I will (I hope) repair my computer so that I can upload the video footage of some great bands, including Pam Swarts who can break glass with her power vocal cords. Yes, Pam has vocal cords so strong that they have broken people’s dishes! That’s why some of us drink out of paper or plastic cups while we watch her sing… though paper is more environmentally friendly…

photo by Cappixx

Okay, enough silliness…

So now… it’s onward and upward… to focus on recording–video and audio. Meria’s computer’s still on the mend but working well enough to upload so lots more videos being posted here–>

Here are some other sites where you can view some music videos, should you prefer a Youtube alternative:

HauntedGypsy on DailyMotion

HauntedGypsy on Vimeo

Infringement photos from 2017 will go up soon… if/when Meria’s computer lives again.

Until that fateful day arrives…  Keep on rockin’ in the (un)free world!

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