On this Christmas Day, Saying Thanks, and an Original Song

Wonderful li’l Christmas ditty, dedicated to our lovely president and his faithful followers! Such wonderful folks indeed! I’ve had such interesting interactions with their type over the years, these folks I tend to disagree with. Now, I just want to take time from this Christmas holiday to thank them.
Say what?

Yes, I want to thank the disagreeables, the ones who don’t like my thoughts on poverty and homelessness because they think all homeless people are addicts or crazy (as if there aren’t rich addicts and crazies,) the ones who don’t want women to express opinions on the Internet, the ones who think student loan debtors should be punished for going to college and not having the money to pay for it without taking out loans, and (Horror of horrors! Drum roll, please!) my favorite trolls of all: the ones who don’t like my music, my writing or my videos. Yikes!
How can some people have such poor taste for entertainment? Amazing!

Anyway, I could go on and on. Everyone’s got an opinion. Opinions are like… a–holes, remember? Everyone’s got one. The sexiest and best-dressed among us  has one too! They’re just better at hiding it with their fancy clothes…
Anyhow, I want to take this moment to thank my detractors, my nemeses, my trippy trolls, the banes of my existence. Thank you! You’ve really helped to keep me humble, keep me on my toes, keep me questioning, thinking, rethinking, and re-rethinking. I’m surrounded by so many of you right now, and I’ve learned so much from you, am continuing to learn. So thank you!!!

If you’re one of the above types of people and you’re reading this blog right now (Yes, detractors will read your blogs, listen to your music, watch your videos, etc., then complain about you and your work ’cause they’re lifeless and they aren’t creating anything themselves, sadly,) but if that does describe you, then you’re probably complaining to yourself right now: “Oh, who does she think she is? Ew, she thinks she’s so smart. Ew, why is she expressing her opinions? Ew, why does she think she’s so great? Ew, why is she writing a blog right now. I don’t like it!”
Ha ha! thank you! Really, thanks!
You see, I’ve learned to appreciate the bad with the good. The bad apples teach us to be grateful for the good apples. Bad apples also teach us to look for the good apples, and when we find them, to realize they don’t need to be so good, that there is another side, another way to be, yet some people choose consistently to be kind, giving, nice, and compassionate–even when they don’t need to be that way! Again, amazing!
So to the all the trolls out there: Thanks so much for giving me a chance to learn tolerance for opinions different from my own, patience, because not everyone has learned what I’ve learned, forgiveness, because no one is perfect, empathy, because often people are doing the best they can–from their own point of view anyhow, kindness, because it makes the world a better place and brings out the best in others, and compassion for those less fortunate than I am, because there, but for the grace of God, go I.  And things can always be worse!
No matter how poor I am, I’m still able to recognize those who are worse off than I am. And even if I’m unable to help them, I’m still able to care. That is something to be grateful for. Think of those poor, unfortunate souls who have tons of money and material possessions but don’t have the ability to love others, nor to appreciate what they have, to be grateful and to reach out to those in need and help them, truly help them. Those are people who will never truly feel love and spiritual fulfillment. But they look great on the outside, so most people don’t notice how poor they are on the inside.

Yes, sometimes there are no big things to appreciate, so we need to appreciate the little things. But this is really no small thing. The ability to have empathy, to imagine walking in another’s shoes, to genuinely feel sorry that someone else is suffering, that ability is a gift.
Some people (not mentioning any names here, but they often spend a lot of time in a big house that’s white and located in a city that’s considered to also be in the District of Columbia–d.c.,) some people have lots of money and power, yet they are powerless when it comes to being truly human. They simply don’t know how to care about other people!
Anyhow, on that note, here’s a song–> Wrote this song last year. Will make an updated recording, but in the meantime (busy cooking… and eating… eating… cooking… Bah! It’s a hectic schedule!)

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