Live Stream of our Practice Session on Christmas Day!

Yay, babies and babesters, we jammed on Christmas tunes yesterday, and, for  better or worse, we live-streamed some of the songs, mistakes and all! We ran into some technical problems with the sound–feedback, static and distortion that may have made Jimi Hendrix proud but were not appropriate for the Christmas carols. Bah humbugh!

Actually, it’s okay. We had fun. Maybe you’ll enjoy listening too?

Anyhow, I’ll post some links here. Let’s hope you can watch/listen. If you likey like, then please do “like” our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram or RN to show your support.

“Silent Night” with electric guitar and drums, the way it’s supposed to be!


“Happy Christmas,” featuring Curtis Orange w/Santa beard on drums:


“Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer”


“Carol of the Bells”


“Ave Maria”


This original Christmas song (yep, I wrote it) streamed live on Periscope (Twitter) :



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