About Meria–Guitarist, Songwriter, Erstewhile Gypsy

Hey there…  Howaya?

My name’s Meria, a.k.a., Guitar Girl. Basically, I’m a starving artist–hungry artist? Famished creative soul? Yes, I am famished! Give me some healthy, nutritious food! Yum yum!

Here are some things I can’t help do with my not-so-free time:

–Music: I make music, write songs, play guitar and sometimes sing. I perform when the powers-that-be (PTB) let me. Otherwise, I make videos of my work and post it online.

–Videos: I also make videos,

–Writing: I write poetry, short stories and screenplays, etc.

As the heading states, I’m guitarist (and sometime actress/writer/videographer–all-around starving artist!) Actually, I’m not very excited about that last adjective and hope that the “starving” will be removed from this description in the future. (Gosh, I’m hungry! How long ago did we order that pizza anyway?) But to be a true artist, one strives to “make good art,” as Neil Gaiman said recently, so making money is usually not the true artist’s priority. Our hope, as artists, is that people around us will appreciate our work and want to reward us for it naturally. Sadly, this is not often the case these days.

Artists do not make good capitalists. Now, I’m not against capitalism at all–so no flaming trolls, people! But capitalism can have its limitations and maybe we need to tweak our current system a bit to allow people who are contributing but not earning lots of money to continue to contribute even though money isn’t resulting from their contributions.

In other words, I think we need to respect the work that people do and create even if money isn’t resulting from it. The work of the mother who carries a child for 9 months, goes through the pain of childbirth, feeds, clothes and raises a child, is one example. The random act of kindness a complete stranger offers you without asking for anything in return is another. And, of course, the work that artists create is yet another example.

Artists. We’re needed. Desperately needed these days. But… these days…,
We’re what’s for dinner.

Ah well, a blog on this at a later date.

Coming soon will be videos for you to watch, music for you to listen, and all kinds of stuff. Yep, on this very site.

Enjoy, leave your comments if you dare–but PLEASE don’t be a spammer or attempt to censor me by trolling my site. Angry trolls who attempt to forage personal woohoo attacks won’t be published, sorry.

However, peeps who want to just hang, just leave us a note.

Whew! I didn’t even include my day job in any of the above…

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