Haunted Gypsy — Gypsy Rock!

It’s (not) cool. Well, maybe not so cool that it becomes pop and then uncool…
It’s not hip, not trendy, not run-of-the-mill.

Well, it could be hip and possibly trendy, just not in the mainstream circles– ya’ know, the conformists…

It’s definitely not run-of-the-mill. (Well, depending on the mill you’re running…)

Original, independent music influenced by a HUGE variety of styles of music and musicians that live like a bunch of vagabonds, i.e., a band of gypsies… Check it out!



Original song, “Chthulhu” written by Meria especially for the Spooky HP Lovecraft Art Show:

It’s indie, original music influenced by a HUGE variety of styles of music and musicians. Check it out!

It’s not like anything you’ve heard a million times, over and over and over again, on the radio! Wanna hear something different? Something from the heart and soul? Go ahead and listen…

Gypsy Soul, original song, written and performed by Meria Cairns:

This is the band. Style of music is gypsy rock, influenced by diverse styles of music from all over the musical spectrum–vagabond rock that’s traveled around the world, infused with other styles it picks up along the way.

More original music here:

www.MySpace.com/HauntedGypsyTears  (yes, myspace still exists fogies!)

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